Experienced player, composer and producer.


Classically trained on the piano, I branched out into blues and jazz at an early age. Later discovering a love of hip hop I became heavily immersed in recording and production techniques, eventually graduating to University lecturer and full-time writer on the subject. As well as music production I am adept at foley, sound design and audio repair and post production. Through my work as a journalist and producer I have excellent contacts in the music and technology worlds. 



Soundtrack and advert music



Written and Directed by Darren Barber. Produced by Steve Andrews and Darren Barber. Original Musical Score by Hollin Jones Preloader Film Festival 2011 'Best Film' Bootleg Film Festival 2011 contender ShootingPeople Film of the month 2nd Place

Hope, original score and sound design by Hollin jones. Story and animation by Matt Morgan.

Commercial album production


Hear my albums at https://seriousmusic.bandcamp.com and https://hollinjones.bandcamp.com


Artwork by Chris Wreford. Photography by Hollin Jones.